Ara Vartanian X Kate Moss launch Party

by Hannibal Reitano

British model Kate Moss celebrated the launch of her first limited-edition jewellery collection, in collaboration with Brazilian designer  Ara Vartanian.

Ara Vartanian Boutique

Fenton Bailey and Sarah Stanbury

Daniella Helayel

Suzy Menkes

Daniel Lismore

Jo Wood and Leah Wood

Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth and Emma McQuiston Viscountess Weymouth

Hannibal Reitano, Ara Vartanian and Anouchka Blatnik

Ara Vartanian and Kate Moss

Anna Lea Gardner, Lois Baines, Ara Vartanian, Elfie Reigate and Luka Isaak

Elfie Raigate, Luka Isaak, Kate Moss, Louis Baines and Anna Gardener

Elfie Raigate and Ella Richards

Liv Tylor and Hannibal Reitano